April 7, 2018

Crime and Crime Trend Maps

The following are three maps derived from the crime data. The first presents data for all cities that could be modeled. Circle size is proportional to the average violent crim rate (per 100,000 people). Color corresponds to the trend. Blue is good (reduced crime over time), red is not good (increased crime over time). Hovering over an area will either bring up data or a zoom that can then be hovered over for data.

This next map is what happens when you cut off cities to only those with 100,000 people or more. You will notice that extremes are less common, especially if looking at trends. This makes sense, since larger cities are innately more "insulated" against change--they have more inertia.

This map is restricted to cities with 500,000 people or more. Again, while cities with fairly large average single rates are still present, the trends are more flat.